Case Study: Achieving Sustainability Goals

"Reliability Initiative Nets 18% Production Increase and 8% Reduction in Operating Costs"

Chemical Plant - Western United States

Problem: The plant was under pressure to cut manufacturing costs while retaining people, increasing revenue and maintaining or improving safety and environmental performance.

Action: GRG performed a reliability benchmark of plant operations, recommended a course of action to meet key stakeholders expectations, collaborated with Vice President of Chemical Operations to write a cost benefit analysis and provided 26 weeks of on-site implementation consulting.

Reliability Continuous Improvement Initiatives:

  • A leadership council was formed to keep plant personnel focused on achieving key stakeholders' expected outcomes, selecting measures for these outcomes and removing barriers to implementing reliability strategies.
  • Business unit defect elimination teams were formed to identify root causes of chronic problems, recommend a course of action for eliminating the root causes and implementing the solution.
  • Risk based business unit planning and scheduling teams with maintenance and operations representation, improved the effectiveness and efficiency of completing maintenance work.

Results: Plant personnel with GRG's guidance:

  • Reduced operating costs by 8% - $1.2 million.
  • Increased production by 18% - 150,000 tons.
  • Reduced the OSHA Recordable Incident Rate from 6.1 to 1.3
  • Improved environmental performance in six of the seven areas measured.



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