Case Study: Increased Plant Contribution to Revenue

"Operational excellence initiative increased plant contribution to revenue by $12 million in 16 months"

Chemical Plant - Midwest United States

Problem: The plant was missing sales opportunities due to chronic problems with mission critical supply chain equipment.

Action: GRG and its affiliate Ascent Reliability Solutions assessed the potential for revenue growth, opportunities for improving reliability processes, recommended a course of action and guided plant personnel in a 16 month operational excellence continuous improvement initiative.

Operational Excellence Continuous Improvement Initiatives:

  • Goals, measures and vision for operational excellence initiative
  • Leading and managing change from reactive to proactive plant culture
  • Eliminating chronic problems with cross functional teams made up of operations, maintenance and engineering personnel
  • Daily risk mitigation – Operations and maintenance prioritizing, planning, scheduling and executing daily maintenance work


  • Operated plant in the range of 95% to 99.5% on-stream, a 6.5% improvement
  • Increased sustainable daily production rates by 8%
  • Reduced primary pollutant emissions
  • Reduced maintenance costs by $3.4 million
  • Improved effectiveness and efficiency of plant personnel
  • Eliminated chronic equipment problems
  • Increased uptime and sustainable daily rates of mission critical supply chain equipment
  • Retained forward thinking plant personnel


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